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Basketball Flying Man cartoon

4399 dunk they touch it once

2022-07-01 10:03Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: How to brush the honor in the 4399 slam dunkCreate two trumpets and wait until the corresponding level. Each trumpet touches its own trumpet once. After the two trumpets touch. They touch it themselve
How to brush the honor in the 4399 slam dunk
Create two trumpets and wait until the corresponding level. Each trumpet touches its own trumpet once. After the two trumpets touch. They touch it themselves once
How to dunk in the 4399 street basketball game? How to call out the old man? Please kindly answer one by one_ Baidu
You mean dunking jumpers suggest going to practice first (the one at the beginning of P). First → + space ↑↓ D. the speed should be fast. The old man is hard to hit. If you can't dunk, don't hit the old man. This tells you how to dunk. This is dunking. This is the setting. Set the difficulty to hard. You will get an old man at the endHow can the 4399 slam dunk raise th4399 dunk  they touch it oncee stars for players
There are five conditions for Star Rising: grade, status, contract, meal card and materia4399 dunk  they touch it oncel gradeWhy is the 4399 slam dunk always stuck? Please help
Dear 4399 players, this may be because the browser cache is too large. It is recommended to clean up your browser cache when this happens. I hope my answer can help you
4399 dunk jumpers how to dunk? No, it's easy to understand
Teach you, absolutely! First, play the practice mode (the third one in the menu) and stop at the two boundaries. Then, go to the front + space, go to the front + up when you reach the red circle, and immediately press it, and crazy point the space4455 Miniclip games slam dunk how to dunk ah
You first press the third button to practice by yourself, add a space before pressing the blue line, press it immediately in the circle, that is, take off, and then press the button to add a space, mai4399 dunk  they touch it oncenly to practice more! I hope my answer can solve your questions. Your support is the driving force for us to move forward ~ 4399 is more wonderful with you4399 it's easy to understand how to dunk in street basketball
At this time, the character will run with the ball (that is, the action of holding the ball before the layup in reality). When the character runs to the red circle, press the up arrow key, and the character will jump up. Finally, press the arrow keys and the space bar at the same time, and the character will dunk. It is recommended to practice proficiency in practice mode first4455 Miniclip games dunk jumpers, who taught me 4399 dunk  they touch it oncehow to dunk ah
To the basket, press the space bar back and forth4455 Miniclip games inside the slam dunk jumpers how to dunk
First press the front + space to run to a place not far from the basket, and then press the + space quickly
How to earn the meal card of the 4399 slam dunk 4399 dunk collection order! Send a large number of meal cards! The activity requires that the article form is not limited, not limited to the introduction article, video, experience, art works, etc., as long as it is related to the 4399 slam dunk game. If it is an article, at least
4399 dunk they touch it once

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