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Chinese dunk master

2022-06-29 07:53Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Who are the main Chinese dubbing players of dunk masters? Where is it fromYingmu flower path Yu Zhengsheng (◎◎ I believe that many people, like me, think of Guan Gao and think of yingmu's arrog
Who are the main Chinese dubbing players of dunk masters? Where is it from
Yingmu flower path Yu Zhengsheng (◎◎ I believe that many people, like me, think of Guan Gao and think of yingmu's arrogant cry "I'm a genius". In my mind, this is an insurmountable peak for Chinese dubbing. I absolutely dare say this: without Yu Zhengsheng's excellent performance
Download the complete collection of dunk Masters
"Dunk master" Baidu online HD resources for free online viewing; Link: Extraction codChinese dunk mastere: 3666 "slam dunk master" is a Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue's juvenile cartoon with the theme of high school basketballSlam dunk master (1080p) Chinese subtitles thank you &\xf64f
Free online viewing link of "slam dunk expert" Baidu online disk HD resources: Extraction code: HDCF [slam dunk master][1993][complete works] [animation], main characters: Anxi Guangyi, cherry blossom pathComplete collection of slam dunk Masters
Complete collection of dunk masters Chinese name 1 The birth of dunk master 2 Duel 3 Grand Duel 4 Flower path join the team 5 At a loss 6 Fierce battle 7 Double hegemony confrontation 8 Dilemma 9 Unique choice 10 Take it lightly 11 Look with new eyes 12 Special training 1
Slam dunk master theme song Chinese version
Everyone is full of expectations but does not believe that when it was used as the ending song of slam dunk master, the title of the song was mistakenly written as "the end of the world", and the correct one should be "the end of the world". Many netizens also believe that the song is the theme music created for the character Mitsui Shou in the playThere are several Chinese versions of slam dunk masters. Why are the dubbing of the Chinese version of slam dunk masters on the Internet
Only the Mandarin version of Taiwan dubbing and the Cantonese version of Hong Kong and Guangdong dubbing are available in China. Another is the Liao Art Version, also known as the Singapore Chinese version, which is only broadcast in Singapore, but not in China. It is estimated that you can also find it on the Internet, so you think it is the Mandarin version. The slam dunk master is an adaptation of the cartoon written by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko InoueSlam dunk master Chinese lyrics
Every day, you accompany me to the lamp Every moment, you make me happy Sweaty jerseys, scattered all the time ~ ~ hair / passion ~ ~ breath ~ ~ I work hard with you. I listen to the coach's hard work / heart. The court is running and beating, ten hot and sincere hearts. I fight under the backboardWhere can the Mandarin version of the slam dunk master be broadcast
BiliBili (nasdaq:bili; hkex:9626), English Name: BiliBili, referred to as station B, is now a cultural community and video platform highly gathered by Chinese young generations. The website was founded on June 26, 2009 and is affectionately called "station B" by fans. March28,2018Do you have Baidu cloud resources for the simplified Chinese version of [md] dunk master_ Baidu
Link: extraction code: gbrt game name: [md] dunk master simplified Chinese version end: PC end type: Sports Language: Jianzhong size: 2MB label: basketball, classic
What is the name of the Chinese version of the slaChinese dunk masterm dunk master song
Song: "till the end of the world" singing: wands wandered alone in the metropolis, just like an empty beer can discarded by others. If you have to explore each other's everything, it's better to sleep forever until the end of the world and don't want Chinese dunk masterto be separated from you. He has made a wish for a time that will never return in thousandsChinese dunk master of nights
Chinese dunk master

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