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Dunk expert skin lines

2022-06-28 20:04Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: What does lol Nuo's slam dunk expert say about the free throwIt should be the slam dunk master ED2, the song of "the world ends" (until the end of the world): WandsWhat are all the lines of t
What does lol Nuo's slam dunk expert say about the free throw
It should be the slam dunk master ED2, the song of "the world ends" (until the end of the world): Wands
What are all the lines of the layman in lol
1 "step back, every way is my way" 2 "practice more after you finish training" 3 "it's not easy to dunk" 4 "every game I play is the home court" 5 "invisible refereeDunk expert skin liness are tDunk expert skin lineshe law" 6 "I don't play, I'm the game" 7 "whose court
Nuo's slam dunk master's skin moves have a kill indicator (you can cut to death and come out with a basket) other skins
I remember that the basket has a five layer passive effect, not a kill prompt, but if you like the hero and skin, you can buy this skin effect. It's good
All heroes League have the skin to change their lines
Boss small law death sign star hammer stone tame dragon small cannon zomDunk expert skin linesbie fire man batian SAIN iron wing angel slam dunk expert nuozhou hell gate garrio iron buddy Olaf extra: Dunk expert skin linesLv Bu Zhao Yun changed the dubbing service, but other services did not, so these are not enough t
How does the hero League slam dunk expert skin say? Can it be set if it is American
You can't set it. Some skins speak EnglishHas the skin line of the hero League Nuo hand dunk master changed
Not only the lines but also the dancingWhy is dreus' dunk master's lines in English
New skin is English. You will find the voice actor in the next version and translate it into Chinese
Touching lines from slam dunk master
2 "brother glasses, everyone stay back. Don't come here. It's dangerous here. 3 because I'm a basketball player. 4 maybe I'm not a genius at all... 5 I can hear my heartbeat..." 6 I'm the brother Kong under the basket! "Miss Kiyoko, it's all because of me
Nuo hand dunk expert skin is full of special effects? Are there any language effects
All the four skills have special effects. Ping a also has special effects. Characters also have voice effects. They even have special effects for walking. It is worth starting with. Forget, passive bleeding also has a special effect of 0.0
Classic lines of dunk master (Cantonese version)
Sakuragi casts a spell on Liuchuan Maple: No, no, no... (that action plus sound, I can only say, sakuraki, you are too dumped) sakuraki: under the backboard is my world, I am the backboard king sakuraki flower path! (narcissistic) sakuraki: I am a genius! (continued narcissism) sakuraki's nickname for people: gorilla, monkey boss, wild monkey, middle-aged
Dunk expert skin lines

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