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Dunk master youth we are in tears

2022-06-28 06:29Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: "Slam dunk master" will be made into a film. How much influence does this animation have in the minds of the post-90s_ BaiduYouth is a hasty book. We read it again with tears in our eyes. The
"Slam dunk master" will be made into a film. How much influence does this animation have in the minds of the post-90s_ Baidu
Youth is a hasty book. We read it again with tears in our eyes. The "slam dunk master" in the 1990s can awaken every teenager's enthusiasm and dream of youth and frivolousness. We talk loudly and tell all the campus anecdotes. A basketball game, from going all out to shaking hands. They used their courage to sue Qingchun without regretGuan Xuan, the big film slam dunk master, which generation of youth memories does this film carry
The following is my opinion: this film carries the youth memories of the post-80s and post-90s. The animation dunk master was very popular at the end of the last century and tDunk master youth  we are in tearshe beginning of the 21st century. In this era, it is the youth of the post-80s and post-90s. At that time, many post-80s and post-90s were frantically chasing animationWhat philosophy of life has slam dunk taught us
However, "dunk master" is not the same routine. After defeating the mountain queen, I was defeated by AI he in Northern Hunan, which shocked me when I first read the cartoon for a long time. The dream of youth is often imperfect. Youth always leaves regrets. Fortunately, Takehiko Inoue told us this factWhat is the plot of dunk master released in August 2022? What do you expect
If the plot in the cartoon is used in the film Dunk master youth  we are in tearsversion, I personally think the effect is general. As a classic animation, slam dunk master is the memory of many people's youth. Due to the dissatisfaction with the adaptation of animation, the animation version withdrew its authorization, and the animation version stopped before the national competition. However, the popularity of slam dunks is still unabatedDunk master is a classic because of its youth? Or classic so bearing youth
I think slam dunk master is a classic that carries youth. The most popular sentence about basketball in this generation today may be “ You play like pomfrets;, But for the generation after 80 and 90, this sentence will be “ Coach, I want to play basketball ” Replaced bySome people still love slam dunk master. Have you seen this cartoon
Dunk master is a memory of youth. Every time I hear the familiar melody of "I want to say I lDunk master youth  we are in tearsove you loudly", it will still make people inexplicably excited, even tears in my eyes. Every time I see basketball, it still makes people excited and moved. Slam dunk master can not only resonate with us, but also see our familiar shadow: youth, dream and friendshipWhat is the final outcome of a dunk master
Is it all Japan? And I am now. "Maybe youth is like this. As long as I have firm faith, even if I fail, at least I won't regret, and I won't let youth leave regrets. In the end, they lost the election, failed to reach the national top eight, and the basketball dream of Xiangbei high school was shatteredWhich is your youth, slam dunk master or sunspot's basketball
As the masterpiece of Japanese animation "slam dunk master" in the 1990s, individual slam dunk master has affected a laDunk master youth  we are in tearsrge number of people. It can be said that many people grew up with the company of "slam dunk master". But it was this masterpiece that stopped updating after the 101 episode animation and the entry of the national competition in Northern HunanHow to evaluate dunk master
2. Content: the character of everyone in SD is very plump. No one can easily define it with a few words. Even for similar character settings, the difference can be clearly seen. Just like real people, they are complex individuals. After watching the slam dunkSlam dunk: did Sakuragi and Kiyoko finally get together
In particular, Akiko Akaki's simplicity and kindness are also one of the reasons why many fans who do not understand basketball are attracted to this animation. For example, there may be less than ten people who really understand the second dribble in hundreds of Liuchuan Maple forbidden guards. This kind of mindless fans is a pile of "dunk master" is a must see Youth Animation for young people. However
Dunk master youth we are in tears

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