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Slam dunk expert cos tomb robbing notes - zhangqiling

2022-06-28 03:02Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Who is that Coser QilingIn july2012, he created the original graphic work "campus graduation season" and transformed the cos graphic works, such as "ten warriors in Zhentian" - LIULANG Hai
Who is that Coser Qiling
In july2012, he created the original graphic work "campus graduation season" and transformed the cos graphic works, such as "ten warriors in Zhentian" - LIULANG HaiYe, notes on Tomb raiding - zhangqiling, etc. In january2013, he participated in the video shooting of the 20 years' anniversary of the broadcast of slam dunk master animation by fans - decorated by Maple LiuchuanQiushuzhen's daughter cos Akiko Akaki, how about her reduction degree
Qiushuzhen's daughter, Keiko Akaki in "slam dunk master", I think she inherited her mother's beauty. After all, the gene is there. It inherits qiushuzhen's delicate facial features and Shen Yue's long, straight legs. It's hard not to envy her appearance and figure! Not long agoWhat near perfect cos have you seen
However, with the development of the times, people are more tolerant of this matter, and more and more people begin to appreciate cosplay. There are many Coser roles that are especially lifelike and restored, which make netizens applaud. Have you seen any near perfect cos? In fact, COSPLAY is played by people all over the worldWhatSlam dunk expert cos  tomb robbing notes - zhangqiling happened to the man who looks like Hideki Akai
Although it has been over for a long time, the myth of Northern Hunan will not be forgotten. Nowadays, it is a very luxurious thing to see "slam dunk master" in the diffuse exhibition and other activities. However, some cos fans will produce some relevant Cosplay worksSlam dunk experts will make movies. Qiushuzhen's daughter COS is controversial. Is this hype
Qiushuzhen's daughter cos played the role of Kiyoko Akaki in the slam dunk master. She said that she was waiting for the movie of the Slam dunk expert cos  tomb robbing notes - zhangqilingslam dunk master. She was dressed in a red uniform, showing long white legs, with long banged hair and holding a basketball in her hand. It really looked like KiyokoWhy does Chen he cos Cherry Blossom path
On May 23, the first high-energy talent show "I love bivariate" aimed at the bivariate crowd in China premiered. Actors Chen he and sun Yizhou turned into the great devil and made a flop to support bivariate. In order to cooperate with the theme song of slam dunk master, Chen he boldly made a surprise appearance with the national basketball Idol "Cherry Blossom path"Which boys' cartoon images are better COS and wear masks
Below: Naruto Kakashi. Kakashi has been wearing a mask since childhood. To be exact, Kakashi is wearing a half mask integrating a mask and a neck cover. Although we can only see one eye of Kakashi under normal circumstances, we always feel that Kakashi must be a handsome guy. Master dunk Mitsui. IIIWho is the most difficult character in "slam dunk master"
Needless to say, let's take a look at the role play of dunk master and commemorate our childhood together. The first group is Akiko Akaki and caiko. These two sisters can be said to be the best choice for our childhood goddesses. The recovery of this group of COS is really good. The magical restoration of Caizi is like a cartoonSlam dunk master: hoSlam dunk expert cos  tomb robbing notes - zhangqilingw high is the cos appearance of maple Liuchuan and cherry blossom path
I think the cos appearance of Liuchuan maple and cherry blossom path is very high. Speaking of the classic animation slam dunk master, I don't know if anyone remembers this very passionate and inspiring animation. It is also a Sports Animation Based on basketball. ItSlam dunk expert cos  tomb robbing notes - zhangqiling is a very popular animation, and it was broadcast very early. MeWhich variety show in Japan introduced the cos of slam dunk Masters
A review of the famous dunk masters in the heart of London
Slam dunk expert cos tomb robbing notes - zhangqiling

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