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Dunk shooting: squat

2022-06-26 21:38Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: How to operate the various actions of NBA Live 09 dunk contestOrdinary crotch dunk - run to the basket and press "pass" to take offWhat are the shooting and dunking posturesShooting: squat, stan
How to operate the various actions of NBA Live 09 dunk contest
Ordinary crotch dunk - run to the basket and press "pass" to take offWhat are the shooting and dunking postures
Shooting: squat, standing, dunk: windmill dunk, Tomahawk chop dunk, 360 degree turn dunk, one handed fly dunk, two handed slam dunk, crotch dribble fly dunk, etc
What are the classic dunks in the history of NBA all star dunk contest
In addition, the birth of the new generation of flying man Zach Raven for two consecutive years has made the human limit jump again. Today, let's review the top ten dunk kings in NBA history. Top10 Dwyane Howard's high height is not an advantage for the dunk contest, because a strong body will affect the sensitivity of the bodyWhat are the requirements for dunking
Dunk stresses the perfect combination of height and strength. Personally, I think the most perfect dunk in history will be vincarte. His dunk combines height and strength. The origin of elegant and explosive basketball. According to official records, the ball game of Aztec in Mexico in the 16thDunk  shooting: squat century is the predecessor of basketballA series of dunks by athletes
Action essentials of three-step layup: basketball players are not allowed to move the pivot foot, otherwise they will be blown away, but there is one exception, that is, three-step layup He requires the players to take two steps when holding the ball, and make a layup or shoot while taking off in the third step According to you, that must be a stepWhat are the skills of dunking? Dunk  shooting: squatHow high do you want to jump
Also, if you want to dunk, keep practicing skipping. At first, it was a professional sports background, but not a basketball major, such as breaststroke, triple jump, and 100 meter national level II athletes. The result was not very good. All aspects were also calculated. The following introduces the bounce training method, because there is no professional coach. Finally, pay attention to the grasping actionWhat are the key points of dunk? What are the 2 keywords
Step heel lifting exercise 5 If you persist in these multi-level leapfrog exercises for a long time, your jumping ability will be improved qualitatively. As for the air action of dunking, I won't say much. There are videos everywhere. That's not the point. As long as you reach a high energy of more than 3.30 meters and have enough ability, you can dunk in any position you wantWhat are some common dunks in the NBA
In the air relay, a player throws a basketball to another player. After the catcher catches the ball in the air, he directly buckles the ball into the basket. Of course, it also counts as throwing into the basket. Windmill dunk windmill dunk refers to a highly difficult dunk in which both hands grasp the ball and rotate it in the air (360 degrees) and then buckle it into the basketTop ten NBA slam dunks
You can't tell what dunk he wants to do before he takes off. Whether it's a 360 degree twist, a windmill, an air relay or a dunk, every move makes the fans feel that they are enjoying it. So Dunk  shooting: squatwhat is Vince Carter's most impressive dunk? Sydney 2000 Olympic GamesWhat are the dunk moves
Take off: when descending, fake the action again,Dunk  shooting: squat and then throw the ball out. Take off on one foot. Take off on horseback. Shoot the breakthrough ball. Change hands. Make a circle around the body. Break through the fake dunk. Fake the action. Take off on both feet. Fake the shot first, and then take off on both feet
Dunk shooting: squat

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