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Dunk expert a Shen

2022-06-26 16:02Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: How to evaluate the basketball skills of Kanagawa scoring King Ichiro Kobe in slam dunk master(4) The greatest advantage of a Shen is that tengzhen and a Shen are the only two scholar basketball playe
How to evaluate the basketball skills of Kanagawa scoring King Ichiro Kobe in slam dunk master
(4) The greatest advantage of a Shen is that tengzhen and a Shen are the only two scholar basketball players in slam dunk master. Most of the others are ferocious men, or at least they are tiger and wolf teenagers who dare to rush into the internal hand to hand combat. Unlike tengzhen, a Shen doesn't have any ups and downs in his mindAmong the slam dunk masters, if you put aside your feelings, should Mitsui be two grades stronger than ah Shen
I think in the dunk master animation, if you put aside your feelings, Mitsui is really two grades stronger than a Shen. Whether in terms of physical quality or talent, Mitsui Shou is a complete winner. ShDunk expert a Shenangjinxiu's own strength is very strong, and from him, we can see that he has unlimited potentialIn slam dunk master, who is more powerful than shinichiro Mitsui and nanlie
In addition, there is something wrong with the spiritual essence, and the projection is unstable. Koizumi Ichiro is an expert in internal and external shooting and has the ability to transfer the ball. However, this book does not describe the situation of a Shen's attack with the ball, so it can be seen that he is weak in this aspect. In Hainan Province, the key to such a situation is the herdsmen and gentrySlam dunk expert: why is Kobe, the scoring king in Kanagawa Prefecture, blocked by the new cherry blossom path_ Baidu knows
Haha, this is an interesting question. Why did Kanagawa, the scoring king in slam dunk master, be blocked by the new Sakuragi flower path? In fact, the reason is very simple. There is a clear gap between Shinzo Ichiro and Sakuragi in terms of physical quality. This bridge section is obviously designed by nobuhiko Inoue to show Sakuragi's physical quality against the skyIn slam dunk master, Mitsui, who has similar strength, competes with ah Shen. Why does the ending appear one-sided_ Baidu knows
In slam dunk master, who is the best three-point shooter in Kanagawa and even the whole country between Mitsui and Ichiro Kobe has always been a controversial topic. Unlike the comparison between mu and Fuji or Shenjin, Mitsui and a Shen had a direct competition in the cartoonSlam dunk master: why is Shinto Ichiro's strength always inferior to Mitsui Shou in most people's hearts
But in fact, Qingtian Xinchang plays the second position, that is, the shooting guard. Shenzong Yilang is the small forward. The fight with Northern Hunan was because Qingtian was not tall enough to restrict Mitsui, so he changeDunk expert a Shend his position with God. Friends who are familiar with basketball should know itWho is more powerful, ah Shen or Ah FuDunk expert a Shen in slam dunk master
I think Mitsui and a Shen are the two players most compared among the slam dunk masters. They are both excellent outside three-point shooters. They use accurate three-point shooting to kill their opponents. It seems that they represent everything when referring to the three-point shooters in the slam dunk masters. Even nanlie, the scoring king in Osaka, will not be consideredHow to evaluate the Hainan God in slam dunk master
A Shen in Hainan in slam dunk master is a very good person. He likes his hobbies and does what he likes to do. He loves basketball very much. He is a very good personA Shen, tengzhen and Xiandao are the male gods in slam dunk master. Who is the most beautiful of the three
Slam dunk master is an animation about a basketball game. I like a lot of the plot in it. And I feel that this animation can bring people passion, feel the vitality of youth and the pursuit of dreams. A Shen, formerly known as Kobe Ichiro, is a small forward of the basketball team of the high school affiliated toDunk expert a Shen Hainan University. One meter eight nine. BreakthroughIn slam dunk master, if a mu of Hainan team retires, can a Shen be the captain_ Baidu
(1) A Shen's three-point shooting is the strongest player in the cartoon, which is his main support for Hainan. The debate about the strongest three-point shooting in slam dunk master has never stopped, and will never stop. Mitsui, nanlie and others have more comprehensive skills, and also have the ability to take the initiative to throw three points, while God is more three points after being assisted
Dunk expert a Shen

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