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Stat-Tracking for Over 15,000 Courses!

Track Your Game. The only way to get better is to understand the areas in your game that need help. Let Golf Stat do the busy work, so you can focus on improving.

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    Statistics: birdies, pars, FIR, GIR, putts-per-hole, etc Unknown stats come to life with Golf Stat. It automatically computes running totals of your entire golf career. You can also view per-course and per-hole stats as well.

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    Visualize your stats with dynamic graphing A list of numbers doesn't always cut it. That's why Golf Stat has graph support so you can truly visualize your progress. View graphs for rounds, handicap changes, and course/hole progress.

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    Automatic USGA handicap computations Computing a golf handicap manually is very tedious, but it's something every golfer should know. Golf Stat will automatically compute your handicap as you enter scores. Disaster averted.

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    Share rounds and keep track of how your friends are playing Golfing alone is fun, but friends make it that much better. The same thing applies to Golf Stat. Invite friends, get notified when they post rounds, and compare your stats with theirs.

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    Record a lifetime of golf rounds, all in one place If you keep old scorecards just to remember that day you shot your best round, Golf Stat is exactly what you need. Record a lifetime of rounds, all in one place, without clutter.

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    Add your own courses or choose from existing ones Golf Stat grows on its own. As golfers enter new courses, they become available to everyone. People helping people. Search from the existing pool of courses or add a new one if it's missing.

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For the cost of a single round of golf, you can track your game for an entire year!

  • What exactly is Golf Stat? It's a tool that allows golfers to keep track of their game. Just by entering scores (think electronic scorecard), the system will compute tons of stats automatically, including handicaps, FIR/GIR, putts, all-time best/worst scores, and much more.

  • Who should use Golf Stat? Practically anyone who plays golf. However, Golf Stat is recommended for those who are serious about their game, care about improving, and enjoy watching their performance evolve over time.

  • In a nutshell... Golf Stat is the app every golfer has been waiting for. It's essentially a lifetime of your golf stats, in their finest form. Sign up today »

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